Bar-M Distributor is a company created from the passion and vision of fulfilling the need of healthier options for families near and far. 

By purchasing from Bar-M Distributor, you're not just buying fruits and vegetables; you're also buying our excellent customer service.

Our mission is to buy produce at wholesale prices and extend these benefits to families in the valley and rural areas by offering them fruit and vegetables at competitive prices and to their doorstep or nearest Drop Zone.

Our ultimate vision is to create a large community of support where no matter how far you live, or how your finances are, Bar-M will be there to be a part of your everyday life.


    Having a produce delivery service is unlike anything else, because not only are you saving time and money, but also the hassle of having to pick your own produce at the store. We provide delivery to your doorstep or a drop zone near you!


    Buying from Bar-M Distributor means you're supporting a local family-friend-minority owned business. We, more than anyone, understand first hand the necessities families have because we're just like you! We work to provide and we know that time is precious!


    The wholesale fruit and vegetable industry allows for many savings. For example, the family packet of 18-20 items costs $35 compared to over $45+ at your nearest supermarket!


    One of the characteristics that make Bar-M Distributor unique is our love for the community and our desire to extend produce opportunities to as many families as possible